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Six Apart actualiza las licencias para MT3 cierra su servicio gratuito

Doc Searls resume y comenta el cierre del hasta ahora servicio gratuito en su blog. The Doc Searls Weblog : Tuesday, June 15, 2004:

«Dave explains the hosting situation in audio notes. If you care about this matter, I highly recommend listening to what he says. There is a difference between a human voice and a posted text, even a blogged one. What he says, basically, is that the situation we have now was one that showed up during the move of sites from Userland's to Dave's servers; and that the decision to close most of the free-hosted sites was unavoidable. "I just did the best that I could."» era, hasta ayer, un servicio de hospedaje de blogs que usaba Manila, software de Userland. Dave Winer lo mantenía, aunque hacía dos años que salió de la empresa.