My name is Víctor R. Ruiz and I was born on 1975 in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). I'm a IT consultant (especialized on social media and open source). I've worked as software engineer at Six Apart Europe (2007-2004), did tech support and translation to Spanish of TypePad, Movable Type and Vox. I currently work at Canonical, doing QA for Ubuntu.

Personal sites
- Blogging in the Wind, English blog.
- Linotipo, Spanish. About blogs, social networks and technology.
- Cuaderno de Bitácora, Spanish. Astronomy, Science.
-, astronomy news.

Open Source Projects
- Blogalia. First Spanish blog service (2002).
- Blogometro, an open source implementation of Blogdex or Daypop-like sites, which tracked the activity of the Spanish blogosphere.
- JiBot, a social IRC bot (Python). Profiled in Clay Shriky's book Here comes everybody.
- ESA Hubble Top 100 Images official app.
- ESO Top 100 Images official app.
- Portal to the Universe official app.
- Visualino, a block-based visual programming IDE for Arduino.
- Other contributions at Github and Launchpad.


astronomy, blogs, linux, science communication, open source, python